Medical & Aesthetics

Providing innovative medical services and products

Medical Services

We work with certified medical practitioners to provide innovative physiotherapy and aesthetic services. Partnering clinics in Asia to establish an extensive network of therapy and aesthetic clinics for consumers.

Physiotherapy Medical Centre

Our medical centre are equipped with Capenergy tecar therapy treatment. It is an innovative manual therapy treatment used in physiotherapy and popular with professional athletes.


It uses a combination of sophisticated manual techniques with electrotherapy technologies.

Aesthetic Centre

Dr Darryl Chew, Singapore (Nickname: Doctor Needle), Graduated from NUS Medicine (Singapore) in 1998, Originator of Ultra V Lift

Trained directly under Dr. Woo Jung Ho inventor of the JJ Miracle Lift from Miracle Plastic Surgery in Korea. Aiming specifically at minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, he aims to achieve results that machines cannot deliver.


In addition, he also performs Prolotherapy, Intra-articular Viscosupplementation, Knee Aspirations, Muscle, Tendon and Joint injections.

Speciality Cosmetics

We partner with E-Medical RX and HANACOS Korea to produces exclusive and specialty Whitening, Strengthening and Anti-aging products.

Tomato E Brand

Tomato-E is a whitening product that contains PhytoflORAL®, an award winning patented extract from non-GMO white tomatoes. Clinical studies show that it provides skin protection, skin whitenining & listening, skin tone correction. It also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.


Tomato-E is Halal certified. 60 days guaranteed results on whitening effect.*

RIORI Korea Brand

RIORI Cosmetics uses the best quality products and natural ingredients to create their range of skincare whitening products: Hana Whitening, Riori Natural Extract Facial Cleansers, Riori Whitening Body Creams & Face Mask, Riori Specialised essence Creams and Riori Cream & Sunblock

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